Lowell Dykstra

Chamber music

A void (2020)

Written in September 2020. This three-minute lament reflects the feeling of anxiety and desolation that many of us sadly enough are experiencing, due to government’s covid-19 restrictions. The title has a different meaning as well. When pronounced, it sounds like the verb ‘avoid’. And there’s a lot to be avoided during these times.

instrumentation: string trio (violin, viola, cello)
duration: ca. 4′
dedicated to the Prisma string trio
premiere: November 2, 2020 by the Prisma trio at Splendor Amsterdam
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

The Dancer (2019)

Written for The annual Piz Amalia Festival which is organised in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

instrumentation: trumpet, marimba, violin and viola
duration: ca. 4′
requested by Anthony Zielhorst
Swiss premiere: September 18, 2019, Konservatorium Winterthur
Dutch premiere: November 15, 2019, Paleiskerk, Den Haag
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

Time to fly (2018)

It was Tommy Wieringa’s short novel ” De dood van Murat Idrissi ” that has prompted me to write this composition.

instrumentation: saxophone quartet
duration: ca. 6′
commissioned by and dedicated to the Bron saxophone quartet
premiere: February 9, 2019 Rhenen by the Bron saxophone quartet
publisher: DONEMUS Amstrdam preview/order

Bird, Candle & Ignorance (2009)

In 2009 I wrote: Candle expresses human creativity that – if we let it happen – will finally become almost extinct. Ignorance is the indifference and apathy which affects this creativty.  These two views were influenced by conspiracy theorists. Today, in 2023, I realise this description has very little nuance and has no reliable base. Yet, it was my view at the time. Bird stands for freedom, like the bird, soaring freely in the air. A freedom – an important value in our Democracy – which should always be our right to have. But with or without an explanatory note, it’s the music that remains.
These pieces are not in the same order as in the title, in which I chose the order in favour of rhythmic preference.

instrumentation: saxophone and piano
duration: ca. 7′
commissioned by and dedicated to Duo Beumer en van Ham
premiere: February 5, 2010 Theater Kikker, Utrecht by Duo Beumer en van Ham
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

Chant – In memoriam Gijs Bergman (2007)
instrumentation: two violas
duration: ca. 1′ 50″
commissioned by Gisella Bergman
not published

The Crossroads dance in Connacht (2005)

It is the second time that I was inspired by a painting. This time is was Charles Lamb’s painting The crossroads dance in Connacht. The way Irish peasants are depicted, showing much expression and movement, a number of watching people and a violinist, these features inspired me to write this piece.

instrumentation: violin and piano
duration: ca. 7’30”
dedicated to Tjeerd Top and Mariken Zandvliet
premiere: November 12, 2005 De Muziekkamer Zaandam by Tjeerd Top and Mariken Zandvliet
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/ order

A Mirmande (2004)
instrumentation: string quartet
duration: ca. 5’30”
dedicated to Quatuor de Mirmande
premiere: 2004 Mirmande (France) by Le Quatuor de Mirmande
not published

Saxophone quartet – A final kiss (1997)

It was written to the memory of my younger brother who died in an accident when he was eight.
The last part is called ‘A final kiss’, which can be performed seperately.

instrumentation: saxophone quartet
duration: ca. 15′
premiere: 1997 by Syrinx saxophone quartet
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

Serenade – verwante zielen (related souls) (1995)
instrumentation: two violas
duration: ca. 10′
commissioned by Gisella Bergman
dedicated to Gisella Bergman and Annette Bergman
premiere: 1995, Epe (the Netherlands)
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

Glee (1993)
instrumentation: bass clarinet in b-flat and harp
duration: ca. 8′
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

Quinary (1990)
instrumentation: brass quintet, 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
duration: ca. 9′
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order

Brusque (1987)
instrumentation: flute, bass clarinet and piano
duration: ca. 6′
publisher: DONEMUS Amsterdam preview/order