Audio and Video

Below is a selection of audio and video. There is more on my YouTube channel

La Guitarra (Federico Garcia Lorca) , 2020
Kamerkoor NEXT / Fokko Oldenhuis
Stefan Gerritsen – guitar

Homenaje – pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy – De Falla for flute, viola & harp. Originally written for guitar, 2018
Karin Leutscher flute, Adriaan Breunis viola, Liesbeth Vreeburg harp

O me! O life! (Walt Whitman) for mixed choir and string quintet, 2016 Holland Vocaal Ensemble / Fokko Oldenhuis
The ensemble is the Prisma string trio & friends

La Neige pour choeur mixte et quatuor à cordes, 2010
Hollands Vocaal Ensemble / Fokko Oldenhuis
Prisma string trio & friends

El alma Dormida – In memoriam Guido Topper, 2013
Klaas de Jong – guitar

Bird, Candle and Ignorance for piano and alto saxophone, 2009
Duo Beumer & van Ham

A Thin Place – 3 prayers from the Carmina Gadelica , 2002
Studium Chorale, Hans Leenders

A thin place- Rann Romh Urnuigh – for cello solo and the player’s voice, 2001
Francois le Roux (Ha!Man) cello

From Two Rossetti songs for mixed choir: Silent noon
(Dante Gabriel Rossetti), 1994
Nederlands Studentenkamerkoor/Daniel Reuss

Alternation for orchestra, 1992
Nederlands Balletorkest / David Porcelijn