Blodeuwedd a tragedy in eight dances by Tony Conran

Persons of the drama:

Story teller

Blodeuwedd – a woman made from flowers (her role is devided beteen two actresses, (one who is a mezzo-soprano)
Two dancers who represent Gwydion the magician
Lleu his son
Blodeuwedd (the mezzo-soprano)
Gronw, Blodeuwedd’s lover
her maids
the stag, the eagle, the sow of Time and the owl as occasion demands

Ensemble, scored for:
tenor recorder
horn in F
double bass
percussion (two players) consisting of:
tam-tam, cymbals (low, medium, high) maracas, claves, bongos, bass drum, tambourine, guiro, cowbells, a set of water-filled glasses (alternative: bowed vibraphone), crotales, marimba, tubular bells, triangle.

text: Tony Conran
duration: ca. 41′
not published