October - 2017
During the months of January to March 2018, the theatre production Marijke Muoi will be performed in Leeuwarden, Friesland. I am writing incidental music for parts of this production. Visit the Dutch website for more information. Click here for performance dates and location.

January - 2016
Hollands Vocaal Ensemble will perform O me! O Life! a number of times on their tour. See Performances for details.


The Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor is taking "Nightingales" for chorus on tour in the Spring of 2016. Dates will follow.

During the Kurt Thomas summer course 2015 for choir conducters in Utrecht, my work 'La Neige'  for chorus and string quartet will be an obligatory piece to be studied and will be part of the final concert.

November, 2014
I have been commissioned by the "Hollands Vocaal Ensemble" to write a piece for choir and string quintet, to be premiered in April 2016. The words are Walt Whitman's O Me! O Life!

October, 2014
Bird, Candle & Ignorance will be presented by duo Beumer & van Ham during the 17th World Saxophone Congres in Strasbourg, in July 2015.

My guitar sonata (1982) is now being published by Editiones Eudora (Madrid).

I wrote El alma Dormida - In Memoriam for my guitar tutor, Guido Topper, who unexpectedly died on April 6, 2013. Classical guitarists will recognize a number of allusians to some works from the guitar repertoire. Compositions which Guido , as I recall, appreciated much.

Duo Beumer en van Ham (piano & saxophone) will be releasing a CD with Bird, Candle & Ignorance on it.

René Berman (principal cellist of the Gelders Orkest) will give the premiere of my Sing me a song of Consolation. This will be in 'Kasteel Ammersooyen' on May 13, 2012 starting at 10.30.

Guitarist Klaas de Jong recently posted my Sonata for guitar (written in 1982) on YouTube. Excellent playing! Click to listen on YouTube.

Tempo 144 from Crest (Fr) en Le Quatuor de Mirmande from Mirmande (Fr). performed La neige for chamber choir and string quartet in Marsanne and Crest, July 2011.

Still on my list is a work for Lars Wouters, clarinet and Gwyneth Wentink, harp.

Erica Jong's book "Sappho's Leap" is the basis for an opera I still wish to write. Erica Jong has personally given me permission to use her book whereas her lawyer is counter acting. An awkward situation, I'd say.

"A Thin Place" for cello has been recorded on CD by the South African musician HA!Man (Françoix le Roux)

I've made an arrangement of Janacek's piano sonate 1.X.1905, for Duo Bilitis, two harps.


  Currently working on a work for      saxophone quartet, requested by      the Bron Saxophone Quartet.

  My latest work is "Ritual text      for the afterlife"  for women's          choir and tubular bells.
     Ancient Greek goldplates with      texts - recently  found in graves -      that were carried by the dead on      their journey to afterlife.

  In progress is a work of a much     bigger scale: Blodeuwedd,  a     dance poem for narrator,      singer/reciter, dancer and      ensemble. The poem is by the      Welsh poet Tony Conran.

  Another recent work (2016) is
     O me! O life!
(Walt Whitman) for      choir and string quintet.

  My Guitar sonata (1982) is      now being published by
     Editiones Eudora (Madrid),

  Draaf, Foekje. Draaf!

    Watch the television interview.     (You need to understand Frisian,     though).