Sonata for guitar (1982)

The guitar sonata was composed in the aftermath of serialism, in 1982. Already there were signs of the 'new tonality' but for many composers (including me) that was considered to be not-done.

How things have changed since then.

Although this sonata is not a strict serial composition, the sound and structure suggest to be so: wide intervals, dissonants, rhythmic / metric structures that are sometimes complex.

These features make up a lively piece with contrasting elements, closely linked to the sound of the second half of the 20th century.

Looking back on it now, nearly 30 years later, it hasn't lost its eloquence.

October 2013



  Currently working on a work for      saxophone quartet, requested by      the Bron Saxophone Quartet.

  My latest work is "Ritual text      for the afterlife"  for women's          choir and tubular bells.
     Ancient Greek goldplates with      texts - recently  found in graves -      that were carried by the dead on      their journey to afterlife.

  In progress is a work of a much     bigger scale: Blodeuwedd,  a     dance poem for narrator,      singer/reciter, dancer and      ensemble. The poem is by the      Welsh poet Tony Conran.

  Another recent work (2016) is
     O me! O life!
(Walt Whitman) for      choir and string quintet.

  My Guitar sonata (1982) is      now being published by
     Editiones Eudora (Madrid),

  Draaf, Foekje. Draaf!

    Watch the television interview.     (You need to understand Frisian,     though).