Chamber Music



Alusión para oboe, clarinete si bemol, saxófon alto, clarinete bajo y fagot. (2013)

Bird, Candle & Ignorance  for saxophone and piano (DONEMUS 2009) read more ...

Chant  - in memoriam Gijs Bergman - for two violas (2007)

The Crossroads dance in Connacht  for violin and piano (DONEMUS 2005) 
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 A Mirmande  pour quatuor à cordes (2004)

A whistle for Tony  for flute and harp - a birthday present. (2001)

Pride of the Morning  for flute, Bb-clarinet, horn and violin.(2001)

Saxophone Quartet  -  a final kiss (DONEMUS 1997)   read more ...

Serenade - verwante zielen   - (related souls) for two violas (DONEMUS 1995)
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Glee for bass clarinet and harp (DONEMUS 1993)

Quinary for brass quintet (DONEMUS 1990)

Brusque for flute, bassclarinet and piano (DONEMUS 1987)



Still Time for three guitars (arr. of the original piano score (2014)

Still Time for piano solo (2014)

El alma dormida - In Memoriam Guido Topper for guitar solo (2013)

Sing me a song of Consolation for cello solo. (2012)  read more ...

An allusion to Dancing  for guitar solo - voor Bert. (2008)

Distant Chant for flute solo - voor Duco (2008)

From Tower to Thoor  for carillon (DONEMUS 2004)   read more ...

A Thin Place  -  Rann  Romh Urnuigh   for cello solo and the voice of the player.(DONEMUS 2001) read more ...

Five moods for guitar  - dedicated to Guido Topper
(Broekmans & van Poppel 1985)

Sonata for guitar. (1982)
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  Currently working on a work for      saxophone quartet, requested by      the Bron Saxophone Quartet.

  My latest work is "Ritual text      for the afterlife"  for women's          choir and tubular bells.
     Ancient Greek goldplates with      texts - recently  found in graves -      that were carried by the dead on      their journey to afterlife.

  In progress is a work of a much     bigger scale: Blodeuwedd,  a     dance poem for narrator,      singer/reciter, dancer and      ensemble. The poem is by the      Welsh poet Tony Conran.

  Another recent work (2016) is
     O me! O life!
(Walt Whitman) for      choir and string quintet.

  My Guitar sonata (1982) is      now being published by
     Editiones Eudora (Madrid),

  Draaf, Foekje. Draaf!

    Watch the television interview.     (You need to understand Frisian,     though).