O me! O life! (Walt Whitman) for mixed choir and string quintet. (2016)
Holland Vocaal Ensemble with Prisma string trio & friends, Fokko Oldenhuis.

Sing me a song of Consolation for cello solo. (2012) Played by Ha!Man (Francois Le Roux)

La Neige  - Sei Shonagon (de "Les notes de l'oreiller") pour choeur mixte et quatuor à cordes (2010).
Hollands Vocaal Ensemble, Fokko Oldenhuis.

Bird, Candle & Ignorance  for saxophone and piano (2009)  Played by Duo Beumer & van Ham.
Candle: 00'00" Ignorance: 02'20" Bird: 05'14"

between, and I - fragments of Sappho for mezzo-soprano and two harps. (2007) Performed by Duo Bilitis.
Eva and Ekaterina have a dialogue between the first two songs, based on their Sappho theatre production.

A thin Place for choir - 3 prayers from the Carmina Gadelica. ( 2002) Studium Chorale, Hans Leenders.

Illuminations to a book of Hours (Tony Conran) - for mixed choir. (2002) VENUS, Peter Dijkstra.
Tracks: October: 00'00" - January: 02'25" - June: 04'50" - April: 07'23.

A thin Place for cello and the voice of the player (2001) Performed by Ha!Man (Francois Le Roux)

From Silver & other poems by Tony Conran (1999) the first: Take care, performed by Irene Maessen and Trio Ibert (violin, cello & harp).

The Pride Parade for orchestra (1998) Jeugd Orkest Nederland, Roland Kieft.
track one: 00'00" - track two: 03'05" - track three: 05'45" - track four: 10'40" - track five: 13'30.

From the song cycle Youth and Age for baritone & piano on poems by William Butler Yeats.(1998)
Maarten Koningsberger & Kelvin Grout.

The second coming
The circus animals' desertion part two

A final kiss This is the last part of my saxophone quartet. (1997) Played by Syrinx saxophone quartet.

Saxophone Quartet "A final kiss" (1997) Played by Syrinx saxophone quartet.

Serenade - related souls for two violas (1995). Played by Annette Bergman and Gisella Bergman.
track one: 00' 00" - track two: 01' 45" - track three: 04'10" - track four: 05'30" - track five: 08'05".

Towards Summer - forshadowing tableaux - for orchestra (1994) Noord Nederlands Orkest, Jacek Kaspszyk.

Two Rossetti songs for choir (The woodspurge/Silent noon) (1994) Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor, Daniel Reuss.
There is a short pause aafter 'The woodspurge'. 'Silent noon' starts at 04'30".

Whimsical Turns for fanfare orchestra (1993) - Frysk Fanfara Orkest, Jouke Hoekstra

Alternation for orchestra (1992) - Nederlanads Ballet Orkest, David Porcelijn.

Fantasia for wind instruments (1989) - Nederlands Ballet Orkest, Ronald Zollman.

Nightingales (Robert Bridges) for mixed choir (1989) - Nederlands Kamer Koor, Huub Kerstens.

Sonata for guitar (1982) Played by Klaas de Jong.

part one
part two & three



  Currently working on a work for      saxophone quartet, requested by      the Bron Saxophone Quartet.

  My latest work is "Ritual text      for the afterlife"  for women's          choir and tubular bells.
     Ancient Greek goldplates with      texts - recently  found in graves -      that were carried by the dead on      their journey to afterlife.

  In progress is a work of a much     bigger scale: Blodeuwedd,  a     dance poem for narrator,      singer/reciter, dancer and      ensemble. The poem is by the      Welsh poet Tony Conran.

  Another recent work (2016) is
     O me! O life!
(Walt Whitman) for      choir and string quintet.

  My Guitar sonata (1982) is      now being published by
     Editiones Eudora (Madrid),

  Draaf, Foekje. Draaf!

    Watch the television interview.     (You need to understand Frisian,     though).